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Crowdsourced Team Strength Rankings and Ratings

Thu 31 July 2014

Vote early and often!

Jay Ulfelder, who has appeared here before, is back with his annual crowdsourced football rankings. Go vote to your heart's content and help us build ratings and rankings for the upcoming season. The poll uses All Our Ideas, a platform that allows anonymous users to make pairwise decisions about any collection of things.

The really nice thing about this format is that it provides head-to-head matchups for every team -- even teams that won't play each other this year -- and provides many, many matchups (depending on how many people vote and how often). This aligns nicely with many of the rankings and ratings models we've been covering here. We'll turn voting off before the season starts, and post the results (as well as how they change during training camp and the preseason). Thanks for your help! Now go vote!

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